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Art In Paradise Langkawi

We are the second largest 3D art museum in the world and largest in Malaysia. Visit us at Langkawi’s Oriental Village and experience a whole new world without leaving paradise.

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  • We visited Art in Paradise 2 days after it opened in February not really knowing what kind of museum it was. My goodness, spread over 3 floors we were really taken aback at how impressive this place is. Colourful, bright - we had such fun! Haven't laughed so much for ages! Enjoyed it so much went back with friends.

    Olive P.
  • Found the reviews on TripAdvisor and my wife forced me to go with the kids. I didn't expect it to be interesting and entertaining, especially for the kids. The paintings are incredible and you start to have fun posing to get the best possible shot. Incredible numbers of photos... good fun especially for the kids. Definitely something original.

  • Very creative 3D art! Good, fun time with family. All age people will enjoy. Selfies can't do justice to the place, so you need friends/family to do the clicking. There are pictures stuck on boards for reference so you can't get the angle wrong. Very spaciously spread out so you don't invade any other groups privacy. Hats off to the artists who did up the place.

  • Even though normally I am not so much into typical tourist attractions we decided to try the 3D museum and were very happy we did. After entering we had more than 2 hours of fun! Absolutely necessary to bring at least a second person (to take photos) and a camera with a lot of space for pictures... we ended up with more than 150!


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